Hagar Restaurant Service

Serving the Oklahoma City, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Tulsa Metro Areas

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H30073 PAN 1/2 SIZE 4" DEEP CLR $7.99
H30074 PAN 1/2 SIZE 6" DEEP CLR $8.19
H30076 LID 1/2 SIZE CLEAR SOLID $3.99
H30077 LID 1/2 SIZE BLUE SOFT $5.29
H30082 PAN 1/3 SIZE 6" DEEP CLR $6.23
H30083 LID 1/3 SIZE CLEAR $2.99
H30085 LID 1/3 SIZE BLUE SOFT $3.79
H30093 PAN 1/6 SIZE 4" DEEP CLR $3.19
H30094 PAN 1/6 SIZE 6" DEEP CLR $5.10
H30095 LID 1/6 SIZE CLEAR $3.10
H30097 LID 1/6 SIZE BLUE SOFT $3.09

The Sonic Catalog now available for viewing online!

You can now review the 2010 Sonic Catalog online in PDF format. Just click the thumbnail on the right to browse the digital catalog. Need the print catalog mailed to you? Email us and we'll get one right out to you.

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